Rainbow Harvest
Singapore c. 2004 Gal 3:28


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Happy Chinese New year of Rat


Once we were not a people, God's people now we are
A gay and lesbian people, A new community,
We once feared condemnation, On earth and from above
Until God's grace and mercy showed us the way of God

We are a holy nation, empowered and called by God
As prophets, teachers, healers, to spread good news abroad
to live and work together, God called us from the light,
Of gloom and isolation into a wondrous light

We are an exiled people, with bitter tears baptized,
today, as through the ages, rejected and despised,
But always there have been those transgendered folks like me,
To claim their way of loving and boldly speak its name

We are a pilgrim people, of every class and race,
from many sects and cultures, Now gathered in one Place
We challenge one another to bend and grow, and be
A Church where all God's children can find a family

Once we were not a people, God's people now we are
A proud, determined people, still striving to be free,
A gentle, loving people with justice as our aim,
A queer and righteous people, united in Christ's name

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