12 April 2007 - Urgent Matter of Great Importance - Penal Code Amendments

Date : 12/04/2007

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Dear Friends,
I write to alert you to a matter of grave urgency and importance. It’s responding to the government’s amendment of the Penal Code, especially the section pertaining to homosexual behaviour. The official invite for public feedback was issued months ago. You’ll see this in the attached pdf file “Penal Code Amendment”. The relevant part is Section 10 which covers “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”. The debate on the draft amendments takes place in Parliament in July/August.
Read PDF file “Proposed reform”. The Gay & Lesbian Lobby is working overtime to have the law changed so that our nation becomes increasingly amenable to its agenda which is as follows:
1.     Decriminalize homosexual practice.
2.     Criminalized any public negative comment or statement against homosexual practice. (Some pastors in the State of Victoria, Australia are now in jail because of this)
3.     Legalize same sex marriages.
4.     Legalize adoption by same sex partners. (Roman Catholic adoption agencies have closed down in Britain because they now have to allow their children to be adopted by same sex partners).
5.     Have homosexuals classified as an ethnic group or race so that their rights are enshrined.
6.     Make it compulsory by law that homosexual practices are taught to children in all schools. This is already happening in some parts of the world. They have already published colourful and explicit textbooks for this purpose!
While some denominational leaders have made Christian views known, our government’s approach on public morality is based on the weight of public opinion. Hence the greater the number of similar opinions the greater the weight government will give. I have been reliably informed that NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBMIT OUR FEEDBACK. I want to call for a mobilization of Christians and concerned people to give immediate personal feedback to the government.
Please share this with your church leaders and members as once the law is passed in favour of the gay agenda, there’ll be no turning back the gradual undermining and destruction of Biblical family values, as well as the freedom to preach godly sexuality standards, as in now happening in parts of Britain, Australia and the US.
The feedback site is www.reach.gov.sg. Scroll down to “Something To SAY?” and click on “Email Us today”.
The subject line should always mention: Penal Code Amendment:
All a person needs to do is write is something like: “With respect to the coming Parliamentary debate on the above subject, I would like to state that I’m against passing laws to allow same sex marriages or homosexual practices.”
A mother could send in something like: “I have three young children and I’m against any legislation that allow for same sex marriages.”
Other possible statements:
I don’t hate homosexuals, but I don’t believe their lifestyle is good for the future of our country.
I believe that real family is made from Dad and Mum, not Dad & Dad, or Mum & Mum.
Please don’t allow our country to be influenced by people who are confused about their own gender. Please don’t legalize same sex marriages.
I also attached articles and news reports on the effect of law changes in some places. This shows what Christians would be up against if we don’t act now. Please note the highlighted and underlined statement in the article “When will the law change”.
As a start, you, your family and staff can do the feedback today. The MHA will acknowledge your comment. You can see it’s easy. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’ll be out of town till 12 April.
God bless
Derek Hong