TSUNAMI - gays blamed again


MUSLIM GROUP BLAMES GAYS Dec 26, 2004 - A large earth quake off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia resulted in a massive tidal wave or Tsunami that caused an estimated 158,000 or more deaths in 11 nations along the coasts of southeast Asia and western Africa, and left as many as one million survivors needing food and shelter.

In the aftermath, there are a number of questions raised on one hand why God has allowed this to happen. On the other extreme, many muslim and christian religious leaders have claimed that it is a result of sin, such as Gay marriage, or that mankind did not take care of the earth properly. Such arguments have no basis. God is all powerful. He could have easily prevented the Tsumani. But God operates in a legal framework that does not permit Him to morally intvervene. The Earth is not own by God. It was given to mankind (Gen 1:28,29), and subsequently handed to Satan's control (Luke 4:6). It is therefore a fallen world. God have no legal basis to intervene unless there is an exeption.

God did act - 2000 years ago. He provided a way out, a point of redemption, where He can save man kind. He gaved His only son Jesus, that whoever believed in Him, may be saved and be a child of God. A new heaven and earth will be created one day, and the reign of God restored over the fallen earth. As a child of God, we have access to God legally. We pray and God answers our prayers because of His Son Jesus Christ (2 Cor 1:20) whose death and resurerction brought us legal means to become a child of God having the price of our sins fully paid, and much more having resurrected hence overcame the powers of the world. We have health, and prosperity throught Jesus for though Him all the goodness and blessings of God flows. He was poor at the Cross that we may be rich in Him. He was wounded that we may be healed. He was astranged from God on account of our sin, that we may be united with God.

The Tsumani caused major casualities but its spiritual, financial and commercial impact was negligible. If the earth quake causing the Tsunami was to occur in the South China Sea, it would have caused massive destruction and impact to Singapore, and perhaps Hong Kong and Shanghai. Perhaps, Singapore was the intended target and was saved because of God's hand of protection.

The Tsumani is one of the signs that the end is near and that Jesus is coming back (Luke 21:25-27). For the last two thousand years, we have many earth quakes, famines, and diseases. Before, this modern wave of calamities, the Church have been much prosecuted, false relgions have entered. Only a form of religion now exist in Europe (Rev 2:18-29). There are very few Christians left after waves of inquisitions. But God's wave of the Gospel of Grace has moved on, from Rome, to Germany, then England, coming to the East Coast of United States, then to the West Coast where at the start of the 20th century we have the great pouring of the Holy Spirit in 1904. A hundred years later 2004, we see the final wave of God to Asia, before the return to Jerusalem, and the coming back of our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ..

Is the Tsumani in Asia a response to the a massive move of revival in Asia?. Perhaps. There has been a wave of God's grace and mercy for the last 2000 years, and an equally desparate response to each move of God. Starting from the birth of Jesus, we see that in response the babies were slaugtered in Bethlehem. God is always the initiator. The opposition plays catchup. For Gay Christians in Singapore, I believe that God is starting a revival among the Gay community. He is causing a spiritual Tsunami, to start in Singapore, and to envolope South East Asia, and then Asia. With a population of 3 billion people in Asia, there are no less than 150 million Gays to reach for God.

The generous response by the community at large, draws parallel to their indifferent response to support of AIDS victims in Singapore. Millions were given through various appeals by the churches to a neigbouring country. Have they forgotten that this people are symphatises of radical muslim groups who are anti christian and anti-singapore. Are these people more righteous than those who suffered from AIDS which the Singapore public gives nothing in comparison.

The government treats AIDS no differently is misleading. This perhaps reflect the community where the patients are blamed for being self inflicted or a disease for Gay people only. They given no special assistance such as usual subsidised drugs as if they are going to die 'anyway', hence money not spent fruitfully. The government and society it seems are not obligated as they have no comparassion.

The Gay Christians in Singapore must not reflect society. Sub Consciously, we have been ingrained with the message that "HIV +ve people deserve it". We as Gays, having the highest % of the population suffering from it, should be of a different spirit. We need to take up the cause and support AIDS organization in the greater fervency that we do for the people of Aceh.

The Tsunami killed more than 200,000 people. The response to help is justified. AIDS killed 4,000,000 a year, a factor of 20 times more. Yet, the response and the sympathy of the community is non existant. Whilst only a third of the HIV+ patients in Singapore are Gays, this is a significant number. The Government and Health Care workers are constrained as the law on homosexual sex in Singapore effectiviely limits the preventation of AIDs message in the Gay community. And with a conservative society, this is not likely to change. Not admiting to their ineffectiveness, the Heatlh Authorities conveniently blame AFA for not doing enough.

As Gay Christians in Singapore, we need to act in the opposite spirit of the society and mainstream Christianity. We should not blame the Government nor the health authorities for we ourselves have not responded with God's love. We need to respond generously to the plight of HIV+ Gays, not in condemnation but in love. We of all people, should stand by them both spiritually and financially (Matt 25:40). God tells us to reach out to the least of the community. The least is not the poor, the elderly, or the sick. The least is not even HIV+ people. But the least, the very bottom of community are the HIV+ Gays for the rest will have sympathy from the community but for HIV+ Gays they will be given no sympathy. As Gay Christians, we are to be God's hand of friendship and support in their deepest hour of need. Why do we do it? Because Jesus loves us. We loved because He first loved us. God's love for us allows us to share this love with Gays who are HIV+. It is Christ we share, His love and salvation. We could not call ourselves a church without walls without effectively ministering to the people closes to us. If Gay Christians don't look after their Gay brothers, who will?. God's heart is for Gay Christians to be the salt and light to their Gay community (Mat 5:15-16). They should not be champions for Gay concerts, Gay rights for PLU society, and Gay activist. There are plenty of others in the world who will take up that role. God has a destiny for Gay Christians in Singapore to be champions or Ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20). We are to present Jesus that the Holy Spirit may work a Tsunami wave amongst the Gay community.

FATHER GOD, let your Spirit fall upon Gay Christians in Singapore. May they know your love, and embrace their Gayness as a blessing to the rest of the Gay community that they may show forth the gospel of Jesus Christ and be a light unto this community. Let it rain Father God. We need a Tsunami of your grace upon the Gay community in Singapore. Send your salvation, your blessings O Lord. By Jesus Death, and resurrection, we pray. Let your blessings pur unto Singapore. Heal your people.

(Deu 11:10-12 NKJV) For the land which you go to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it by foot, as a vegetable garden; but the land which you cross over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which the LORD your God cares; the eyes of the LORD your God are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year.

Thus saith the Lord of Host, the former rain and the latter rain will come. No more shall you be in Egpyt for the Lord shall deliver you. You shall be a blessing not only in Singapore but to the rest of the World. For I the Lord, will pour out the latter rain that will be so overflowing that it will go to the nations and not return void. No longer shall they cry out to me, for I the Lord will be with them. They shall seek me and find me. For I love you says the Lord. I have created you from your mother's womb. I have known you before you were born, and I have planned mighty works for your life that you may be an ambassador of my Grace and Mercy for Singapore and for the nations.

Let it rain

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