Jesus is coming back for Gays

Jesus is coming back for the Gays. In the end time, one of the greatest acts of God's Grace and Mercy will be the mighty move of God amongst the Gay community. Jesus is coming back. He has not forgotten the Gays. He will raise up an army of Gay Christians that will move the nations to confound the proud.

In Mat 24:14, the "end" will come when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and witnessed throughout the nations. i.e. everyone have a chace to decide for themselves whether they want to believe in Jesus and His death and resurrection. The majority will not make it to heaven. There will be great deception and false christ that will mislead to people aweay from Jesus (Mat 7:14,15) . They will preach a similar Gospel yet differ on the centrality of Jesus Christ as only saviour, hope and redemption. They will deceive many. Many in the Christian churches will be decieved and join with the religion of the antichrist. The deception is based on exaltation of altrenative Gods detracting from Jesus

1 John 4:3 speaks of the spirit of antichrist and he will operate throught history after the resurrection of Jesus to deceive the saints and those seeking after salvation. He will be identifed by the number 666, The Antichrist and any spirit that is associated with him are anti-Jews in Mat 24:15. Jerusalem will be the main target where ultimately the antichrist will be worshipped there instead of Jesus. Logistically, there would need to be a new temple in Jerusalem, and naturally return of Jerusalem to the Jews in 1948 started the process of reconstruction.In Mat 24:21-22, The antichrist is anti Jew and will come against Jerusalem and the Jewish nation in order to destroy them. There will be much destruction of Israel with masses of army led and controlled by the spirit of antichrist. Unless the destruction stops, no one will be left in Israel.

The world will be divided into the "Pro-Israel" camp and the "Anti-Israel" camp. In fact, the Jewish nation have undergone and will go through great tribulation by the Anti Christ who tried to exterminate them that "no flesh" will be saved. The antichrist wanted to be worshipped in Jerusalem because that is the very place Jesus will come back and be exalted. In Mat 24:29, 30, after the tribulation in Israel, Jesus will come again at Jerulsalem, and this will be a great event (and not a quiet return before tribulation as expounded by many). Not suprisingly, the nations of the world will mourn because they have supported the Anti-Christ against Jerusalem and now faces jugdement.

In Mat 24:32-38, Christ will come when everything is pretty much normal routine in the rest of the World. There will be feasting, shopping, and prosperity. The wars in Israel and Jerusalem will be on the daily news bulletin, but hasn't it been so for the last 2000 years. i.e. much tribulation will be suffered by the Jewish Nation. Business will be as usual. There will be peace in much of the world. The gospel will be preached but there will be widespread deception. The coming of Christ will be totally unexpected unless one discern the times, and hence know that the time is near.

Christians will not go through direct tribulation (as their impact is effectively negated by religion and deception), but Israel will. Many Christian churches have been and will be deceived to depart away from the gospel message (Rev 19:20, 1 Cor 11:3, 2 Th 2:10). Currently, the official statistics reminds us that there are 1.5 billion "Christians" making it the largest religion in the World. However, the deception have worked so well in the church that only 400 million or less based their faith on the centrality of Christ alone. The others are significantly bound to believing in their self efforts to reach God. N o one will be left behind contrary to that expounded by many major churches, the rapture will not start prior to tribulation as hoped by many. In fact, Church services will go on as normal, and nothing in many countries will seem out of the ordinary. (Mat 24:44).

What is the Gay Christian response to the Anti Christ and tribulation?.

  • The reality is that Gay Christians are already in tribulation. There are not many Gay Christians in Singapore. Because of the Churches condemnation, many have back slidden. Gay affirming chuches like FCC have emerged but still in its infancy. The numbers less than 100 is small. Based on 5% of Singapore's population being Gays and of this, another 10% being Christians, the attendance should be 15,000 to 20,000. Either the Christians are well hidden in thier own churches or that the percentage of Christians among Gays are far below the national average.
  • AIDS is killing many Gays. Their self worth are trodden like grapes by the Churches in Singapore. They are condemed from the pulpit. They have no avenue to seek Gay Christian relationships. They are not allowed to marry, hence given few opportunities for a loving monogamous relatioship. Many turn to sex with multiple patners in their hopelessness, hence endangering their lives and promoting the spread of AIDS.
  • Gay Christians are hidden. Subjected to increasing homophorbia and persecution, they are the nameless ones. They are closeted in every church. They have no liberty. Their walk is a walk of faith in God, trusting in God that He will make things beautiful. There is much self hatred of who they are. They wished to be 'normal' yet they know that they are born thus. Relatives will question each year why they are not yet married. Gays Christians look with envy to the new government HDB flats that straight couples can buy, but not them bacause of the limitation of single ownership.

I believe that the Word of God to the Gay Christians in Singapore is that there will be showers of blessings for this is the day of the Lord. God will bless the Gays in Singapore, with unique gifts, and blessings. Singapore puts them down, they are despised by the churches, but God will exalt them mightily. God will put the wise and self righteous to shame. In God's heart there is a special place for Gays, He understands their sufferings and will come back for them. The task for Gay Christians is so much more daunting that straight ones for the harvest is ripe and the day of the lord is coming, and there are no laborers, and the cry of the Jesus from heaven is one of love and acceptance.

As our eyes are on Jerusalem, waiting for the arrival of Christ our saviour, Jesus is calling out. It is the last call to board the plane. It is the final call for the flight to heaven. It is the final hour. The doors will soon be closed and the way to God will no longer be opened. There is a voice crying out, Behold the Lamb of God is coming. (Rev 7:10). He is calling out to the Gays in Singapore for you and for me, to come back home to Jesus.

In Heaven, I see a picture of many thousands of Gays who have returned to God. God will wipe the tears of Gays, who are crying for at last they found acceptance, they see Jesus who accepts them, and not religion who condemns them. They will cry out Hosanna to the Lamb that was slain and will find comfort in Christ who will shepherd them.

(Rev 7:17 NKJV) "for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."







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