Victory as Gay Christians when we Pursue Love and desire spiritual gifts

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(1 Cor 14:1 NKJV) Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

Gay bashing by the Charismatic evangelican churches is a common sight in the christian sphere in Singapore. Although they may have a different emphasis in their ministries, it is often surprising how united they are in their opposition against Gays. Not that the Gays could fight back despite the Christian claim of a supposedly evil Gay agenda. Gays are like a punching bag always there as an easy means and target to condemn perhaps to obtain public support and funds. Why is this so? that those who alledgedly operate in a spiritual realm with mighty encounters with the Holy Spirit, are perhaps the most ungracious and unloving!

Not too long ago, a large banner was displayed outside Church our Saviour, an Anglican Charismatic Church stating "Gay but not happy?" as though Gay is a choice that can be erased just as a Handicapped school in Singapore attempted to erase any sign of their gay exposure. Perhaps a more appropriate banner would be "Ex-Gay but not happy".

It is a sad day in Christendom when we so ostracized Gays, thoroughly condemned them, encouraged society to discriminate against them, make sure that public stigma would be so strong that Gays could never enjoy acceptance within their families, and then hypocritally claim that Gays are unhappy simply because they are gays totally forgeting their pivotal role in causing so much pain and unhappines in the gay community (Rom 12:9 NKJV) Is this love that Jesus preached? Is this love that marks the Charismatic Pentecostal movement to be on fire for God? Is this the church that our saviour intended or is this a church of the pharisees of whitewash tombs!. The church has been called to be a Barnabas to the Gay people, to encourage them to embrace Jesus, for in Christ they can find purpose in life and acceptance of their gay identity. Instead, we became Judas always self seeking, a friend of the the worldy carnal religion.

It is unfortunate that the charismatic movement have desired spiritual gifts without boundaries. We are encouraged to desire spiritual gifts including the gift of prophecy, the gift of knowledge and speaking in tongues, to edify ourselfs and to edify the church. But if our pursuit of love does not come in unison (1 Cor 14:1), we cause great damage. Instead of edification, we destroy lives. Our knowledge of spirtitual gifts make us proud (Cor 8:1), whereas true love edifies or encourages and uplifts others. Even when the church may speak in tongues, and practise spiritual gifts with great miracles occuring, but does not display love, we have not progressed in true spirituallity (Cor 13:1) but have remained carnal. We love because it is Christ who first loved us. The true church of our saviour will be a church that embraced grace. It will not seek itself above others - not exalting its tradition and in its knoweldge of the spiritual gifts, personal interpretation of the bible and community views that is against Gays, but rather walking in humility and in grace, walking in great prudence always aware that we know only in part (1 Cor 13:9).

After observing how the gifts of God can be misused, Gay christians have a tendency not to desire spiritual gifts. As spiritual gifts are tools that God has given to the church to be built it up in strength to witness the power of the Gospel, this has meant that many Gay Churches are not built up spiritually to outreach to the Gay community. But the bible exalt us to pursue love and desire spiritual gifts. Desiring spiritual gifts is needed to built up the Gay Christian church but love is required in parallel so that we are humble in our attainment and not be self righteous inspite of having the spiritual gifts knowing that it is God who give and we don't deserve it.

Without love, we become carnal even though we have great spiritual gifts. Why? in love we exalt others and consider others better than ourselves. But in flesh, the carnal man takes over. and our motives and actions are self centered always feeding and glorying ourselves instead of others first. The gay bashing by the charismatic evangelic church is so pronounced because these christians have become proud and in their pride, they have considered themselves much more righteous than gays because "they are not like us".

Thus says the lord of hosts, there will come a time, where out of the mouths of babes will i speak the truth and give great revelation and annointing. so that the proud will not glory that all glory goes to me.

As Gay Christians, there is a call tonight not only to pursue love, but also to pursue Spiritual gifts. For the kingdom of God is near, and God wants to use His church to as a blessing to the Gay community. It is not an option and certainly no excuses that the gifts as somehow not required today would be really sufficient if we seek after the heart of God. The churches criticising Gays will come and go, but the masses of Gay people to reach for God will not come and go. People need the lord.

The first churches were so loud, noisy, enthusiatic, vibrant and alive. But our church service are dull, quiet, and boring. We seek to reverend God, but true reverence is found in our unconditional acceptance of God's exaltation to love and to desire spiritual gifts. Let us not ignore spiritual gifts because in doing so we are in essence ignoring the greatest giver of all, Jesus Christ. As a child let us accept these gifts eagerly, let us as Gay christians come to God with an open arms to receive. We need the lord more than other minority group. We are not here to 'play' church every week, for we seek God to extend His kingdom.

Father God, forgive us. Forgive us for not showing love in respond to the abuse that we receive from the charismatic churches that have led us to despise your spiritual gifts. Help us Father God not to despise your spiritual gifts. Help us to treasure them because it is a gift of love from You. Lead us Father God into a greater measure of love that we will not exalt ourselves and be always grateful for your gifts to us, not that we ever deserved it in any way. Father God, you exalt us to pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts when all the time, we need only but to receive for you have already poured out your abundant love and gifts into our hearts. Thankyou Father God for reaching out to the Gay community in Singapore, not using carnal methods as the mainstream churches do, but pouring out your love into our hearts. We love you Father God.


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