Feb 18, 2005, (Washington) The Bush administration has backed down on a call for an LGBT suicide conference to remove the words "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual" and "transgender" from its material. Previously, SAMHSA, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, had issued a veiled threat to organizers of the conference to be held in Portland, Oregon on February 28, that the use of LGBT terms could result in its funding being pulled.

The Bush Adminstration, and its Christian Right supporters claims the moral high ground, but when it comes to facing the truth about the impact of their propaganda against the Gays, the impact on homosexual youths, they live in total denial. But the facts are undeniable. Studies show that LGBT suicide rates are three times higher than the national norm, with suicides among teens the highest.This correspondes to a figure of at least 1500 youths per year who took their lives because living with the burden of being a Gay was too much for them in a homophorbic society. They wanted an escape because they no longer could stand the constant preaching of the church that they lived in sin. They tried and failed to change because that is the way they were created by God. They turned to suicide so that they can escape and have peace.

Each one these gay youths that have died, their blood is on the main stream Christian Churches. The church wondered why there is no break through, no healing, no victory even as the bible says so. It is because they are killing the innocent. Each and every one these youths are real people, that God loves very much. The Christian Right have made hell on earth for these people. Although they are just but statistics conveniently ignored by society, it so matters to God. God cares and remembers. You are precious to God. Don't give up your life away. God knows you are very weary and so tired. He will give you peace and protect you.

The pain and suffering that the Gays go through must be so tormenting. Can you imagine going to school daily, and being called names and even being abused physically. When I grew up, school mates begin calling me names even from Primary School. It was then I realized I may be different. When I accepted Jesus, each night I dreamed of a beautiful place on a small cliff beside the sea, where there was a bench. Jesus was waiting for me. I sat down with Jesus, and He hugged me. No questions asked, no words spoken, just a tight and very long hug. I had peace with Jesus. I could sit there hours with Jesus, just admiring the scenary and enjoying His presence and love.

At College, I became a very quiet person. I seldom talked to anyone even my best friends. They wondered why?. Before College after going through so much sorrow, pain and agony what more is there to say. Like an innocent victim of rape being continually abused and violated by Gangs of people, there was no escape. There may be loud cries at first for them to 'stop', but after a long while being unheard and as no help came, the crying stops, the damage was done and the victim just stares in the sky asking "Why Me".

Do you have peace today? The Apostle Peter in 2 Pet 1:2 spoke of the abundance of Grace and Peace in the knowledge of Jesus. What kind of knoweldge is this? It is the knowledge in 2 Pet 1:1 that Jesus is our righteousness. What ever the Christian Rights, the Charismatic Evangelicals may throw at you and make you doubt your faith, know that as Gay Christians it is Jesus Righteouness and not yours that is the basis of your faith. Just as Christ is so are we. In John 1:1-3, John spoke of Grace, Mercy, and Peace coming from abiding or being in an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, on account of the truth that Jesus died for us that we may have fellowship with Him.

There is only one exaltation in the bible, not to be more Holy, or more righteous, or doing more good works, but as proclaimed by Aspostle Paul in Titus 1:4, may you have " Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior". Peace is not the absence of problems or trials. Peace is being at rest in our hearts in the midst of trials. In Phil 4:6, let us as Gay Christians be anxious for nothing - not to be worried of what society or the Christian mainstream community or our friends may think of us as Gays, or who will take care of us when we are old since we have no children. But let us pray and in prayer trusting that God will answer and take care of us. Our peace comes from trusting in God and it is in this trust that will have peace despite our circumstances, contrary to human logic and understanding. Let our hearts and minds stay on Jesus so as to guard our hearts,that the peace of God will remain with us, every moment of the day.

Father God, I pray for the Gay youths in Singapore. Reach out to them Father God for they are oppressed and have no where to turn to. Their classmates rejects them. Their family and society and the Church rejects them. But you reject them not. Father God give them peace, peace that is beyond understanding that they know you as Lord and Saviour. Just as You have reached out to me, Father God have mercy. Do not pass us by. Do not pass by the Gays in Singapore. Have compassion on us. The Gay youths in Singapore grew up without fathers, be their Father O Lord, and give them the biggest hug and let them cry on your shoulders. Father God we are so tired and weary. We are so so tired of fighting. Give us rest O Lord. Let there be peace.

Well, I'm tired and so weary
But I must go along
Till the lord comes and calls me away, oh yes
Where the morning's so bright
And the Lamb is the light
And the night is as bright as the day, oh yes

There will be peace in the valley for me some day
There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord, I pray
There'll be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I see
There will be peace in the valley for me!

There the flowers will be blooming
And the grass will be green
And the skies will be clear and serene, oh yes
The sun ever beams in this valley of dreams
And no cloud will ever be seen, oh yes!

There will be peace in the valley for me some day
There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord, I pray
There'll be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I see
There will be peace in the valley for me!

Peace in the valley











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