Proposition 8 - A betrayal - but God's steadfast love is still there


(Jer 22:13 NKJV) "Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness And his chambers by injustice, Who uses his neighbor's service without wages And gives him nothing for his work,

California Proposition 8 : ban on Gay Marriage
Yes: 52%
No: 48%

The Exit poll data showed seven in 10 black voters (at least 7% of voters) and more than half of Latino voters backed the ballot initiative, while whites and Asians were split. Therefore if they had voted to reject Proposition 8 in the same overwhelming percentage as they voted for Barrack Obama , the marriage ban would not have passed. The general voting trend by the blacks can be surmised by AP's interview with an Afircan American:-

"Denise Fernandez, a 57-year-old African-American from Sacramento, said she voted for Obama but felt especially compelled to cast a ballot this year to support Proposition 8."I came out because of my religious beliefs. I believe a Christian is held accountable, and we have to make a difference," Fernandez said. (AP, 05 Nov 2008)

Ironically, without the Obama effect which has seen a large increase in blacks voter turnout, the Proposition will be unlikely to go through. Indeed, the Christian Right even thanked Obama in the report by CBS Evening News on Oct 5, 2008, when the polls suggest that the large voter turnout would really help to ban to go through.

Whilst the Black community should not be “blamed” for the ban, the money poured in and the thousands of Mormon troop soldiers was the real cause. However, the Black community could have made the difference.

The election may be seen as a “win” for the Black community with Obama being a great symbol, but I believe that the any progress in the lives of the black community would be hindered by their own discrimination against another people’s group. You aren’t really free if you use this freedom to deny the basic liberty to others. The generally lower socio-economic status of the Blacks will not change. Their vote against gays, put to notice that the blacks may not morally be entitled to the rights that they so denied to others. There may not be pertinent reasons why the black community should have much more than the basic rights if they deny the Gay community even the very basic rights. This is a biblical law of being judged the same way as you have judged.

We have forgotten that the Gay community put their heart and soul into supporting Obama. And what did they get! Nothing much.

The steadfast love of Lord Never Ceases. It never ceases to the Gay community even in the deepest point of despair and disappointments. We have hoped for so much, and so much disappointment. But today the Word of God to the Gay community is that “His Love is steadfast” – He is still there, He is still in control. Wait, for the time is at hand. It may not be the next 4 years that the ban will be overturned! But it will come in 8 years time, and when it come, perhaps it will come for all of United States, just not only for California.


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