A National Day Gay Rally

“This is the biological price society is paying for female empowerment.
MORE GAY MALES.” [New Straits Times, 19 Aug 2008, “Concern over rising number of softies”]

or perhaps “heterosexual female empowerment = more abortions ??? ”

At the National Day Rally, the Prime Minister has set out the agenda for the following year on the focus to increase the birth rate by giving generous benefits of leave and rebates to the families of new born, and to further encourage singles to get married. Politically this is the easiest path to take. There are other ways that may increase the birth rate significantly but no Government will be willing to take. There are more than 14,000 abortions in Singapore every year. Some Christian leaders have suggested that we should ban it as to increase the birth rates. However, these are unwanted babies that the parents are unlikely to be able to take care and the Christian Church has little right to call for abortions to be banned unless they are willing to take responsibility for the babies born. The Government would unlikely to offer to be baby sitters nor would the church ever take on this role and so talk is very cheap.

Generally however, the move to ban abortions has been rather muted for the Christians know that they would obtain no support. Even as their focus on Family cast the gay community which form only 5% of the population as destroying families, we have more than 14,000 babies killed each year! We have no protest, no speeches in Parliament, nor service dedicated to condemn this, nor mega church positional statements! There is also a stunning silence to the fact that there are over 7000 divorce each year ( 30% of the total number of marriages). Why? Because the culprits are straight people even in churches who are having abortions and they will be condemning their own. Better to blame a small defenseless gay community for all of our heterosexual sexual sins. There was a move to ban abortions in the states in the 60s, and 70s but as this move lost their public support, the attention by Christians turned to Gays to be scapegoats to be blamed for destroying our families, and for fund raising to built out big churches, bible schools, and ministries. Blood money indeed!. One can’t get pregnant with gay sex, but with heterosexual sex, there is a good chance and we solved it by abortions and blaming gays for our sins.

[Lev 18:21 NIV] 'Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molech, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.

The Christian community often looks at actions as equating to sin, rather than the motive behind the actions. In Lev 18:21, the Jews were sacrificing their children and throwing them into the fire as part of the worship of the god Morlech. We would quickly condemn this action as sin because it is taking away the lives of the children, but God looks at it very differently. The motive here is the worship of Morlech as opposed to worshiping God. The Jews are called by the name of God, and if they so greatly transgressed and worship other gods with these hideous deeds than the very name and honor of God would be impacted. They were undermining the name of God, for which they were called after. What gods are we worshipping when we sacrifice our children to being aborted? Women have the right for abortion, but who are we worshiping?.

The next verse Lev 18:22, the same reasoning of religious motivation should be applied also to Homosexual acts? Is the acts themselves a sin, Is any sexual act a sin? It depends on the motive. These were straight men and woman and not gays who form only a very small percentage of the population. They were willing to forgo their straight orientation to have sex with the same gender not satisfied with the mass orgies with the opposite sex that usually follows the idol worship. It is detestable because they were killing their children and having sex with the same gender for the purpose of worshiping another god. God looks at the heart, not the actions. But we look at the actions and not the heart. The notion of “a conservative society” becomes are battle cry for Christians to retain the 377A, but look around you, and we have only 10% evangelical Christian, with the rest worshiping other gods.

When Jesus talked about Gay people in Matt 19:12, He did not condemned them because they born as such not like the Ancient Jews who forced themselves to have sex with men out of religious obligations. When Jesus talked about the Gay issue, it was in the context of straight people being sexually promiscuous and getting divorced. It is so easy to blame gays, but if we were ever to be biblical, we would have raised the issue of the 7,000 divorced cases in Singapore. Why it was not raised? It was too close to the truth, to the heart of the matter. As the disciples said “Better not to marry”, if divorce was considered an act of adultery. We dare not see into our own hearts to see our sins and motivation for it, but rather put our sins on the poor Gay lamb to be slaughtered for our iniquities.

Understanding that few Governments in the world even allow Gay marriages, could it be that God’s natural order of things where the heterosexual community through their sexual promiscuity results in unwanted babies is for the Gay community to adopt these babies. Consider this, if 1% of Singapore, or 40,000 are Gay couples and allowed to adopt Children, we have 40,000 new families and places where the unwanted Children will be taken care off. The “birth rate” would increase dramatically and perhaps Singapore would be a much more tolerant and accepting community of the differences within.

There will be protests no doubt from the Christian Community claiming that these children would grow up to become gays and Lesbians, but the fact is that gays are born to straight families and the population remains a small minority of 5%, and sexual attraction is intrinsic and not a choice. We may make a choice to deny our natural sexual orientation, but that is a matter choice against God’s natural order. For Christians, dogma is far more important than saving lives, even thousands of lives each year in order to fit into our theology. Notwithstanding as some Catholic adoption agencies in UK are closing down because they refuse to serve gay couples, the children may be more in danger of the sexual abuses in the church with the multi-billion dollar claims of the victims of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

In another interesting article in the New Strait Times, and reported verbatim in Singapore, it was reported that the strongly assertive females will result in Gay males. This is another attempt by the conservatives to blame the Women’s liberation movement for firstly putting abortion as a women’s rights and secondly asserting their rights to be treated equally as men. And now, these women feminist are blamed to be over exertive and creating gay children. I wonder if strong assertive Fathers result in Lesbian Children?. It would be logical that If the mums were over assertive, they would not become “weak and lembik” men rather they would be likewise strong and assertive like their parents. We often follow the values, attitudes, of our parents. If our parents are racist then the values will be passed on to us. If our parents were to be abusive, then it is likely that we too will do likewise – the “Generational Curse” some say. Gays and Gay children are again made the scapegoat of blame of women being too assertive and feminist.

Singapore may not become one big and happy family until we accept our Gay children as people of dignity and worth deserving of all the basic rights of existence, and relationships that the heterosexual community has taken for granted by the high rate of divorce, and sexual immorality with more than 14,000 babies aborted each year, and over 7000 divorce cases. Who are our idols, our gods that we worship!. We can’t continue to hide away the problem nor forever put gays in the closets and blame them. We can’t abort gays as we abort the babies that we do not want. Gays will always be with us and it is how we treat them, how we each other that makes us a great nation. For ultimately we are connected and depend on each other much like in many cultures (not influenced by the Western Religious homophobic culture). These cultures have included gays as part of the family structure to take care of the children and later the elderly. God is pro-family. He created gays to be part of our families and in the Gay community is God’s grace and mercy to mankind to the things we take for granted, to take care of our unwanted babies.

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