The Church does truly believe that Homosexuality is sin because they rather chose to believe in their prejudices and society rather than Jesus, for which their bible was to written to reveal.

On sexuality, and marriage, consider this:-

(Mat 19:11 NKJV) But He said to them, "All cannot accept this saying, but only those to whom it has been given:

(Mat 19:12 NKJV) "For there are eunuchs who were born thus from their mother's womb, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He who is able to accept it, let him accept it."

What Jesus was saying is that there are three kinds of people that does not marry i.e. in context not having the desire to marry and have sexual relationship in a man-woman relationship:-

The first kind and possibly in order of preference - most numerous among the three - Gays - born as such. The second less so, having their sexual organs removed, and lastly very uncommon, those who are so fully devoted to God and hence made the decision and matter of principle not to marry.

(Mat 19:13 NKJV) Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them.
(Mat 19:14 NKJV) But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

The scene changed from discussion on sex to little children seeking Jesus? what a contrast. why? The little children are gays, they are innocent, they are born that way, and many have a heart to seek after God. But the disciples (i.e. Church) rebuke them - just like many churches who says that gays cannot be christians, homosexuality is sin and God against gays etc. Hence discouraged the gays and intoduced a barrier to them and an incorrect notion of a condenming God.

The word of the God to the Church in Singapore is let the gays come into the church do not stop them for the kingdom of God is for such as them as outcasts of society not loved but rejected, for Jesus Christ knew of their plight for He was likewise rejected by men at the cross of calvary. Remember Jesus was rejected by the very religious people of His day (we have many such descendents today perhaps). The word of God to Gays is that Jesus understands that they are 'innocent' and that He died for them to come into His kingdom. He being the first born in His kingdom was rejected by men, and so likewise Jesus understands them and welcomes them with open arms.

Jesus loves you so much. Come to His table, and be at rest for in it you will find acceptance and true love forever more not based on what you have done, can do or will do, but based on His grace and His finished work on the cross of calvary where He died for you, and rejected by mankind. The church has rejected you, but don't reject Jesus. He bid you come and receive eternal life.

Gays have surely existing in Jesus's days, yet Jesus never did condemn Gays. Jesus was the word of God incarnate, i.e. if you want to know the right interpretation of the bible and the importance of a subject matter, it would be as easy as seeing how Jesus sees it and what weight He has placed on it. If Homosexuality was a matter of major importance as depicted by mainstream churches today, surely Jesus would mention it several times. Yet He did not.

In Mat 8:5,6, a centurion approached Jesus to heal His servant who was paralysed and in pain. The greek word for the "servant" is "Pais" which be translated also as a slave boy. Even when Jesus came face to face with the Centurion who quite likely have had a Gay relationship, He did not see the Centurion as living an immoral life, but He saw the love that the centurion had for the slave. Jesus was not shocked and did not question why the centurion, a professional Roman soldier with more than 100 men under his authority would be so concerned for a slave boy. Slaves were dispensable and if one dies, there would be a dozen more. The Roman soldier did not need to come in person, he could have sent His other servants to send for Jesus. Yet, His love and concern for the boy was so great that He came personally with no concern of what the public and his legion would say. When Jesus agreed to come and heal his boy friend, Jesus recognised the genuiness of their Gay relationship. The centurion must have been so glad that Jesus agreed to heal his boyfriend, that he said "No need to come lah! No need to trouble you. I believe you!. It takes faith to believe, and Jesus saw the love that the centurion had for his boyfriend and the faith to believe that Jesus is a good God as far more important than the manner of their relationship.

When you cry at night, when sorrow overtakes you, when questions such as why God made me Gay comes to haunt you day and night, when you yearn so much to be normal, know that Jesus accepts you as a Gay.

Jesus take me as I am,
I can come no other way,
take me deeper into you,
make my flesh life melt away.
Make me like a precious stone,
crystal clear and finely honed.
Life of Jesus shining through,
giving glory back to you.’

Father God, Please accept me because of your son Jesus, even though I am a Gay. Though the world and churches may reject me, it is your acceptance that matters most. I can come no other way, for I cannot go against what you have made me. Draw me deeper to know you more and teach me how to walk as a Gay Christian to embrace this gift as a blessing and not a curse nor a sin. Father God, may this walk with Jesus beside me through hardship and persecution result in me being changed to be more like Jesus that people can see Jesus in me, and give you glory and honour and praise of what a mighty God you are for your heart is for the outcasts. When no one had mercy on me, Lord you open your arms wide to embrace and hug me.






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