Why Should the amendments to the marriage act be defeated


This day 1st Oct 2004. The motion to amend the marriage act against Gays was defeated in the House of Representatives in the United States of America. The motion did not receive the required two thirds majority with the vote being 227 for and 186 against. The gay marriage amendment said marriage in the United States "shall consist only of a man and a woman. "

(Psa 109:1 NKJV) Do not keep silent, O God of my praise! (Psa 109:2 NKJV) For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful Have opened against me; They have spoken against me with a lying tongue.(Psa 109:3 NKJV) They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, And fought against me without a cause.(Psa 109:12 NKJV) Let there be none to extend mercy to him, Nor let there be any to favor his fatherless children.(Psa 109:16 NKJV) Because he did not remember to show mercy, But persecuted the poor and needy man, That he might even slay the broken in heart.

The proposed amendments to the marriage act by the Christian Right using legal means is totally unjust, and is not in accordance with God's ways of truth and mercy.

The justification of protecting the sanctity of marriage is a contradiction of logic. Surely the sanctity of marriage is further enhanced by allowing loving couples to marry. The attempted amendmends does not address the causes of the real reasons for the deteoration of this institution caused by Heterosexual couples lack of commitment and instead shift the blame to gays.

The argument that gay marriage would subtly undermine the unique legitimacy of straight marriage is based upon a fallacy. For heterosexuals, straight marriage would remain the most significant. Gay marriage could only delegitimize straight marriage if it were a real alternative to it, and this is clearly not true. To put it bluntly, there's precious little evidence that straights could be persuaded by any law to have sex with--let alone marry--someone of their own sex. Instead with a deceitful and a lying tongue they seek to shift blame to Gays.

Those supporting the amendment claim a high moral ground but failed to realise that they have not shown mercy. They have not shown mercy to those:-

a) That are different from themselves.
b) That have been in faithful relationship for years.
c) That truly need the benefits gained from marriage to help and support thier family units.
d) To those who are lonely whose sexual orientation is not their choosing and who is in despair not able to enjoy the love and affection as do herosexual couples.
e) To those who are tormented and persecuted because they are Gays.
f) Who are asking for the same benefits that they themselves have.

Are not they not "the poor and needy man" of our society, those in minority, and does not have the means to defend themselves. Many of these couples have been in a loving relationships for decades yet are prevented from seeking the legal status of their union and the benefits common to marriage. Their hearts are broken and they cry out before God. I believe the Lord will not keep silent but He will hear the cries of those unjustly and mercilessly prosecuted.

(Psa 109:4 NKJV) In return for my love they are my accusers, But I give myself to prayer.

Our only defence is to keep ourselves in prayer and having the opposite spirit not to show evil for evil, rather Good for evil.

As Christians, we should not resort to making use the courts of the world to promote of our religious agenda for the community to follow. Christianity is about freedom and not compulsion. Christ gave us a freedom to choose him, it is not by law. It is liberty in Christ that we preach and not conformance to man made laws. The Christian right have misused this liberty to promote laws to restrict freedom of Gays. Gays are just living their lives as human beings. They did come against us, nor limit our freedom to worhsip God. Yet, without cause, the Christian Right tried every carnal way, man's way, to come against the Gays community. Not only have we not shown mercy, we have done great injustice.

As a Christian, I am ashamed of the Christian Right. They are so self righteous that they have become gods declaring to the world their morality. They have made the cross of no effect by their human ways and understanding. They have resort to every dirty way in the book. Is this of God? Are we going against the move of God? If Gay marriage is not of God, as Christians pray, surely God will move against them. We need not resort to human courts. We do not need to help God. But the Christian right, took it upon themselves to act and be like God. Pride has taken over and just like the Jewish Pharisees came against Jesus, are we doing likewise?.

When we limit freedom, when seek conformity to our views by force, we closed ourselves to the work of God and of the Holy Spirit. We are so self confident our own goodness that we forget that we are representatives of Christ not ourselves. If we are ambassadors of a country, but instead represented our own interest, sooner of later we will become an ineffective voice. We will be thrown out. The mantle and authority in Christ Jesus to speak the word of God, the word of Hope to our nations will be removed. It will be given to others because Heaven just cannot afford it for millions of lives of Gays are at stake.

Gays are so vulnerable to AIDS because their relatiohsips are not encouraged by society nor affirmed legally. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain a monogamous relatiohsip with one patner. Conversely, if "straight" people are not allowed to marry, most will have multiple patners. Currently, even with institutions positively affirming and supporting their staright marriage, infidelity is a common problem. Gays are no different. As the Christian right are the main voice against their inclusion in the community and support given, they will have to bear some blame for the many AIDS cases in America. Upto the year 2003, there were more tha 500,000 deaths due to AIDS in America. Each is a life, and not just a statistical entry. Each of them need to come into peace with God. Gays are no different. They are also a life, a unique person, that God loves and values. More than 50% of the deaths are Gays. That is 250,000 men. Many will go to hell because the church has shut its doors and presented Jesus as in indifferent God!.

(Mat 23:13 NKJV) "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.

The Christian Right (our modern day Pharisees) have shut up the Kingdom of heaven against Gays that needed it most. In doing so, the Christian Right is closing the doors of God's kingdom that they so eargerly seek for God's blessing upon America. They have thought that blessing comes from righteousness, when America return to being a Christian nation. They persecuted the Gays concerned that this would bring God's wrath upon America. They do not understand that blessing comes from the righteousness of Jesus and not theirs. This righteousness is demonstrated by an environment of love, mercy, grace, and justice.

Father God, I bring upto you the Gay community and their desire to live their lives as would the straight community. Lord, many desired to be married to their patners yet suffered much rejection. I pray Father God, that your healing presence come upon the Gay community. May your healing come upon those who have had their marriage license cancelled, and have benefits denied because their marriage are not recognized. Just as we have you, one God in heaven, Father God I pray that Gays may have long term faithful relatiohsip with one partner, that they may love and cherish and spend their lives with.

Father God, in Singapore, we are so far behind in terms of Gay rights and Gay marriage. We are 50 years behind the States. The Mainstream churches here are the most vocal against Gays not only in Asia but probably in the whole world. Yet Lord, we do not bring our request to them, but to you for you are a good God and because of Jesus. Though it is impossible with men. I know it is possible with you father God. You control the hands and heart of the King because Jesus is the King of Kings.

We lift our voice to worship you, that is all we can do, just to worship you, for You will be our defense and our infantry. We love You Lord. We love you because you first loved us.

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