Dear Lord Forgive
The common experience of ex-gay ministries told over and over again, is a man involved in a "sinful" lifestyle having sex with numerous male partners and then finding Christ and choosing to "consume" Jesus who frees him from such sin. He then gets married to a lovely wife and has a wonderful family. They will then start an ex-gay ministry to share the "love" of God to gays and to witness how God has set them free from this sinful life style. It is strange that the "sin' and the "lifestyle" becomes attributed to Homosexuality when it involves gays but when a straight man is involved you would not call it the sin of "Heterosexuality". The actual sin here is promiscuity. and whether it is gay or a straight men living in such lifestyle, it is still the same sin.

It is so convenient for the church to blame it on gays, and using the name of Jesus as somehow sanctioning the "healing". I believed that God in many cases healed them of the lifestyle of promiscuity but not any innate sexual orientation. In order to attribute it to Jesus, we actually blasphemed the name of Jesus because we distort the image of Christ to our own man made agenda. This is not any "normal" sin committed by the church, but it is serious for we are misusing that precious name of Christ who came not to condemn but to love and to give up His life for us that we may have eternal life with Him. Instead, we put up an image of Christ who now not only condemns, but in actuality condemns the innocent whilst the sins that we commit we tone down hypocritically. Homosexuality becomes such a major issue that warrants the church to split, rather than issues concerning the commission of Jesus for the Good News. The image of God's love is forever distorted and manipulated. and we who represents Christ is seen as religious hypocrites.

You could not find one place in the Gospels where Jesus healed a Gay person of Homosexuality. The Religious leaders brought many accusations against Jesus, and much entrapment, but they never did dare to bring a homosexual to Jesus for judgment. Even the Pharisees evil as they were did not stoop down to the level of the church to bring Gay men before God to accuse them of sinning. "Ex-Gay" experiences should never negate the biblical experience especially when we are basing this as dogma to exclude an entire people group and condemn them as sinners. This is a very serious stance which must be beyond the benefit of any reasonable doubt. Many a times, this is a death sentence for many who will be so conflicted as to take their own lives. It has also encouraged many to act on behalf of God to carry out hate crimes against gays or for Governments to sanction persecution against Gays.

Interestingly, you would find the mention by Jesus of Gays or born Eunuch in Mat 9:12 in the context of not interested in having female relationships hence not being tempted to fall into the sin of adultery. Hence, Jesus was highlighting the promiscuous lifestyle that the straight man was engaging in. When we confused the sin of promiscuity with the Homosexuality, we deny God creation of Gays as such. They were born thus from their mother's womb of not having that sexual desire with woman. We make Homosexuality which accounts at most only 5%, as if the greatest sin which should be criminalized, but the 95% of the promiscuous straight lifestyles we hardly mention and do not criminalized. This is not only hypocritical but a gross injustice against the poor and the weak. The Church is expected to protect the weak, but instead like the religious leaders in Isaiah we come against gays and wonder why God is not answering our prayers.

With the strong condemnation of Homosexuality by the Church, it is very easy for the religious man to blame their innate sexual desires on homosexuality. They either

a) Suppressed this desire and get married. After many years of very strong will, their innate desires become unfilled and they start to have adulterous affairs with men. Their marriage will break up and again homosexuality is blamed.

b) Have lots of sex and claimed this is the lifestyle of gays, and then become an ex-gay apparently through the healing of Jesus. We get married and have children and then witness their ex-gay experiences of how God has "set them free".

The "Ex-Gay" leaders are very zealous in promoting this message amongst the church because they really do need to. In order to keep the delusion and not falling into an adulterous relationship with men, it is very hard work. Their ex-gay ministry then becomes the platform to repeatedly emphasize and re-enforced the lie that they are healed by God. They have to put down their innate natural orientation and take on what is unnatural to them just as straight men in the worship of Baal forsake what is natural to them and start having sex with men. It takes a lot of effort and religious commitment, and we will distort facts to support of position. Their entire ministry is then to keep them off their inborn sexual orientation and this is selfish because it will be inward looking rather than outward looking to God. The idol then becomes ourselves and we are willing to promote rhetoric and misinformation and very doubtful scientific research in desperation to keep this facade. We care not of the people we hurt and lives destroyed or of the many who will feel condemned for not being able to keep up this appearance.

(John 8:31 NKJV) Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.

(John 8:32 NKJV) "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The "Word of God" that Jesus spoke here, concerns His message to the discples, that He is the Christ, the Messiah, and has commission them to preach the Good News. The good news is not that Jesus will set you free from homosexuality, but that God loves you and if you receive Him and His death and resurrection as yours, then His life, Eternal Life will too be available. This is the truth that will set us free and not any anti-gay aggenda.

At the end, the Ex-Gay ministries are to be pitied, for they live in a delusion and are not free. They have to maintain this delusion. Pray as they might, and when you take away this artificial support, they would go back to having relationships with men. There is no option to divorce once they are married.


(John 13:34,35 NKJV) "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

I believe that Jesus is giving to a new commandment to the church, to love one other. This love is best seen when we no longer reject our Gay brethren. When the ex-gay groups wind down, and when the churches declare all are welcome and embrace those that for so long the church has rejected, then the world will know that we are of Christ. When we put gays in the closets, it is not love but bondage and the World will only see how badly we are treating gays even though some are our own brethren. The great earthquakes now shaking Christendom because of Homosexuality is the move of God to shake the church to accept gays. Let us start loving one another, even those that are different that as we share the love of God amongst us, the World will know that we are of Christ.


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