Liberty League - In league with the Oppressor



According to a Channel News Asia (CNA) report last Friday, Liberty League (LL), has received a S$100,000 grant from the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre which is funded by the Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports. The organization is associated with ex-gay movement attempting to cure gays under the disguise of freedom of choice and sexual rights.

We are reminded today that Satan comes as a deceiver, the angel of light to deceive mankind using a hope of liberty but is essence a destination of eternal bondage. Satan promised mankind freedom to know themselves. When Eve ate of the freedom, she became aware of an evil conscience, and hence the need to satisfy this consciense ever since by good works. A total of 4,000 years of pain, death, and much suffering resulted and will go on until eternity. So as today, many groups offer freedom for Gays thinly disguised a freedom to choose. Yes, mankind had the freedom. The key had never been freedom. Through Adam and Eve's indiscretion, this freedom has cause too much suffering. It promised liberty, but it proceduces bondage that ultimately hurt all their descendents.

So too many groups offers a moral solution and a freedom and conselling to Gay children. Legitimized by the government, its outstretched tentacles will go to many of the wounded, confused and vulnerable. Reparative theory, which has been condemned since the 70s causing great and criminal harm to those making them condemned and living on constant denial of how God created them as Gays resulted in depression, suicide and lives destroyed. Life, wasted years will be upon those who accept the lies told in the name of Christ. Clothed in sheep clothing as a "champion for human rights" but in reality an abuser of Gay rights, many will be trapped and at the end will deny much of Christ and mainstream Christianity of which few will ever returned. It would be prudent to let nature maintains its course and that "Some are born like this and some are born like that". Just as Heterosexuality has never been called a lifestyle, why should Homosexuality be treated differently. Just as the consequences of freedom became a license for bondage and abuse, we will never know the negative impact of the Liberty League. A $100,000 if sown into good soil will produced good rewards and blessings for the community. A $100,000 sown into bad soil will produce untold human misery and ultimately bring harm to society and social cohesion.

The American Psychiatric Association calls the ex-gay treatments (aka freedom of Choice, Liberty League etc) a great risk of depression, anxiety, and self destructive behavior. The ex-gay peddlers inaccurately categorises gays as lone, unhappy individuals, who never achieve acceptance. The possibility that the person may achieve satisfying interpesonal relatiohsip as Gay man or woman is not presented. Those who seek ex-gay treatments are likely to be doing so due to social pressure that have resulted in internalized homophobia. On the contrary, Gays who have accepted thier natural sexual orientation are better adjusted emotionaly.

The American Phychological Association advised that the ex-Gay treatments (aka freedom of Choice, Liberty League etc) on having no scientific basis with no evidence on tangible changes. Instead it does much harm. Orientation is not only limited to sexual behaviour, but encompases one's emotional, romatic, sexual feelings and self identity. In other words, an ex-Gay organization may be able to mold a persons outward sexual hevaiour, but inwardly, he has never changed. It goes to prove that a person is reallly born Gay. It becomes sickeningly obvious that the spokes person for Libery League lookes and behaves totally like woman and most will be shocked if told otherwise. The results speak for itself.

(John 8:31 NKJV) Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.

(John 8:32 NKJV) "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The ultimate truth and liberty is the word of God. It is the word of God that will set man free. What did Jesus says about Gays. He did not condenmed them though His strongest criticism has always been for the religious hyprocrites who seem to think that they know all, and are holy, and moralistic, not knowing the Grace and mercy of God in their lives. Jesus affirmed that Gays "are born like that" in (Mat 19:12 NKJV) "For there are [Gays] who were born thus from their mother's womb..." Why are we playing God? to determine sexual behaviour. This was in relation to adultery not your Geylang rendevour but by remarrying if you are divorced. Simply put it, Jesus greatest condemnation on sexuality was concerning heterosexual lifestyles.

If they have been consistent, Libery League and other "freedom groups" have a far firmer mandate to come against remarriage. Perhaps, it should insists that Anglican Church be disbanned on account of its historical roots in King Henry the Eight of England, who not only remarried but made sure that the ex-wives are properly dealth with at the gallows. History reminds us that as we condemn, we make ourselves guilty of being condemned in the same manner. The Church of England was not created in a moment of Spiritual revival but a celebration of adultery and abuse. The hypocrisy in the guise of religion and good morals knows no end till today.

Our society will be much poorer when we do not focus on the right issues and spent resources unnecesarrily. By not focussing on issues such as adultery, divorce, remarriage, polygamy, wife abuse ...., by being obssesd with Gays being the apparent cause for this heterosexual lifestyles, we are going to reap for ourselves family breakdowns, destruction of family values, immorality, and disorder in society. It is by God's grace we do not reap what we sow, but this grace will not abide if we use it to persecute those that are inncocent. The issue at stake is not $100,000 which is a small sum of money, but a issue of direction and emphasis which if set incorrectly can never be unwound. Can we afford error in judgement to support this extreme Christian group?

God will turn what is intended to harm for a positive purpose. When Sid Rogers of Choices came to the church at Payar Lebar and talked about Gays, I felt very uncomfortable regarding the inconsistancies and theological misreading of the scriptures. There was a disquiet in the spirit. Rogers very own apprearence and mannerism behaving and appearing far more a woman that a man shows a hypocrisy and counter His? very message. There was a strong sense of homophorbia and expectation of drag queens will visit the church for ministry. We were told not to be too distracted by effeminate gay visitors. It was from this visit that made me felt strongly that what Choices and the Churches that support them is doing wrong. The wayward reasons and phsycology used must and should be responded and be countered. This is not blibical nor truthful to the word of God. I felt so uneasy in the spirit that I studied deeply into all the versus in the bible used to condemned gays. It also became my coming out to myself and to my friends.

By the time this message is out, the ill and ulterior motive of ex-gay groups will be written at lenght at blogs and gay portals such as sgboy and . Most gay men and women are linked up through internet even teenagers. As Ex-Gay groups are associated with right wing extreme Christianity, and have Christian pastors as spiritual counsellors, it will "turn off" many gays to Christianity. It will distort a notion of Christianity that is evil and discriminatory, that wants to harm rather than heal them of the hurts that they suffered from the community by being different. There is deep hurt, a hurt made deeper by this so called "Christians" who do not know that they are spiting on the cross. For droves of Gays will move even further away from God and their salvation in Christ. At the end, whether Gay or not pales into insignificance in the need to be saved and be restored with Christ. God did not give us a choice, he made us Gay or straight. He does not demand that we accept His creation, for the key to life is a relationship with Him and that is the real choice and that is the ultimate freedom and liberty.

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