Hope for Gays with Aids and serious illnesses

A family relative passed away recently. He was a good man. Over the years, life was so focus on money and wealth which he made. He frequently stressed that money was all that is needed and not God, not Jesus. I may not see him in Heaven. Although many in our family did believe before they passed away, I do not know whether this was so in this case.

For some in the Gay community, suffering from diseases which are life treatening, what hope is there?. Death is awaiting. There is no money for medicine. Daily they are falling sick, and friends and family have deserted long time ago with the negative social stigma. Tonight, I would like to proclaim that Jesus is a God of hope.

The prophets in the Old Testaments, sought to know when and how, this Grace of God (1 Pet 1:10) , God's salvation totally undeserved would come. They prophesized in part, they saw in part, but the fullness thereof they do not know until Jesus came. (1 Pet 1:11,12) And yet, the Grace of God was so contrary to their religion that the religious leaders did not recognise Jesus when He came down from heaven to earth. They could not comprehend the Grace of God, that God is so good, giving us hope that we do not deserved. Religion could never comprehend grace.

Even Angels did not see into the future, how great and marvelous God can be, giving His only Son, to die and suffer for us, completely humbled at the cross that He who has no sin, was made to take on sin and be punished for our behalf by His very own Father in heaven that Righteousness and Justice may be fulfilled. We preached now not by Angels, but through the increasing relevation of who Jesus is, by the Holy Spirit.

Today, I would like to proclaim Hope from the very throne room of God by the Holy Spirit to those who are hurting and sick, the Gays suffering from AIDS and other serious illnesses. This hope has been sought after but could not be found, for it is Hope in the relevation of this man Jesus Christ. For by His death, we can rest in this Grace given to us. Rest because at the Cross,through His blood, we received eternal life, through His broken body we received health and healing. So Rest in God, that you may receive Grace abundantly. (1 Pet 1:13).

Isa 57:18 I believe that the word of God to the HIV+ Gays is that I have forgiven you. Even though you have sinned, I will take that not into your account but I will heal you and restore and comfort you. Isa 57:19 I will give them peace, ever lasting peace even though they are so far off from me, yet I will reach out to them in love.

Father God, thank you for your Son Jesus, that through His Stripes, His sufferings on the cross, I need not suffer and be healed instead. Thank you for sending us your Son. When He said "it is finished", so is our salvation is guaranteed.

Healing exaltation


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