FOCUS on THE FAMILY IN SINGAPORE - the thief who steals your basic rights






"If you can find a politician who understands the institution of the family, who wants to protect children from immorality, who understands that we are at war with those who want to destroy us and who understand that liberal judges are undermining us and need to be reined in," he said "and if you can find a politician who lives by a strong moral code and believes in Jesus Christ ... if you can find such a person, it would be a sin not to vote for him."

James Dobson, 2006, founder of FOTF

The news this week that the DBS Bank of Singapore will contribute towards Focus on the Family underlines the very powerful political and religious influence this organization has in America. Whilst carefuly packaged as a harmless organization intend on doing good, there is a much deeper and darker aggenda seen in its battle against gays and the Democratic Party. Its political influence was sufficient to elect George Bush into power in 2004. Its founder and prime mover, James Dobson, was listed as America's most influential Christian evangelical leader by in Nov 2004 epitomising his massive "pope" like following in the United States through print, radio and Television Media changing the course and opinions of the nation.

If Focus on the Family had its way, then America would be a totalitarian regime where the army would patrol the streets, all rights taken away from Gays and the Liberals, and all power and rule of the land based on religious laws. It is the Christian Taliban version of Afganistan. Gays would be sent to camps for electric shocks to "change them". Any challenge to their power and control would be deemed as against national security and morality. Women will be kept at home and for procreation. All adulterors and sinners will be stoned. The insidious movement and threat of FOTF could not be understated being well known for distortion of facts and research to fit their theology.

Ultimately, the support by DBS of 15K matters very little to the budget of FOTF. It is a small sum, but goes to show the increasing foreign influence innocently protrayed as "non religious", and "non political". The political and religious battle is now moving from America to our shores and if the gay community does not react in time, a gay witch hunt would begin any time with gays perhaps blamed for straight abortions, family breakdown of straight divorses, and the economic woes. Whilsts the Liberals may blame the Christian Right as being dumb and unflective, these people are the smartest and most politically and religiously driven zealots ever seen able to move mountains and deceive the simple minded and fanned the fears of the mob mentality of the majority to do their bidding.

Whilsts Gays are busily cancelling their DBS accounts, they have forgotten that the real battle is not against DBS, but against FOTF who has chosen to start an agressive war and battle against the gay community. It is an unprovoked battle with lies and misinformation used freely and fears of people used to the maximum political and religious advantage. Their partners will be the Anglican church - the Church of Our Saviour and the Liberty Leagues who has started bringing this aggenda to the churches in Singapore. The Government may not intervene lest they inccur the wrath of the mega churches and their rich and powerful constituency and voting blocks.

(Rom 16:17,18 NKJV) Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them.For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple.

Its time for the Gay community to stand up against those who has for so long used the gay community as a punching bag to fill their own belly, to gain power and wealth, with their smooth talking and deceiving speech to blame gays for all the fears of the majority. They do not serve the Lord Jesus Christ who gave up all, so that others may have life. Instead, they want to take everything that you and I have, to build their own kingdom. But alas, how could we ever win, when a small branch office of FOTF in Singapore have over one million dollars worth of income, and free man power of hundreds of supporters. They are having an increasing control of the mass media in Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, and the Internet.

Change is coming. There is a Change in the air, away from the religious fundamentalism that has ruled America for the last 20 years. But, it starts when we stand up to make our voice count. We will reap whatever we sow. If we sow complacency then it will be too late to react when we see the fruits of these radical miltant groups working quietly and innocently behind the scenes over decades to build their foundation of hate and political influence. If even DBS of Singapore can be mis-led, how much more than the common man in the street?

As Christians, we are obliged to stand up for justice, for equality, for freedom, in opposition to mis-information and hostile war started by religious groups such as Focus of the Family. They are focusing on their family of Pharisees, legalists, and stiff neck conservatives which Jesus had few good words to say. We too must not be silent against these white wash tombs who has kept many Gay people in bondage. They call themselves "Christians", but the harm they did to Christianity and to the name and reputation of Christ will distort the Gospel message of God's love and Salvation for a very long time. Let us stand up for Christ, who was battered by such religious and political majority, and finally sent to the Cross after the religious right fanned the mob against Jesus. We still have their descendents here today, appearing religious and moral, but are hyprocrites bending on control, power, and wealth with no hesitation to lie, cheat and steal to achieve their means.

(John 10:10,11 ) "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.

There are many religious right organization that comes to steal your peace, your life, your hopes and destiny to put you in bondage. But Jesus came that you may be set free to know Him, as Lord and Saviour. And He accepts You today, and loved You as a Father loves a child and holds your hand tightly in the midst of the storm and confusion started by those who wants to steal even your basic rights.

Let the peace of God, His love fill your heart today that you know the depths of His love and His mercy, and that you may have wisdom to know the thief when he comes to stir trouble. Let the Spirit of God fills Singapore, to follow Him. Come Holy Spirit, Let your fire fall. Cleanse your church of straw and hay. Burn it Lord that the church may be restored to seek after Your Heart only. Let there be peace and Joy even in the midst of trouble.



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