Ex-Gay "Successes"

Michael Johnston. In 1988, he became an ex-gay and was recruited by the Christian Movement via his Kerusso Ministries to put himself as an example for change through "the power of God". He was referred to extensively by Jerry Falwell as an example of success, and helped the Southern baptist and Assembly of God to write strong anti-gay position papers. Johnston was the main feature in the "Truth in Love" campaign against gays, and "It's Not Gay". He founded the Americans for "Truth" and National "coming out" of Homosexuality day. Apparently, Johnston did not change. Alledgedly during this period, he was still having sex with gay men, and even apparently infecting them with AIDS.


Rev Ted haggard. On Feb 6, 2007, the Rev Ted Haggard claimed that he is completely cured from Homosexuality after 3 weeks of extensive ex-gay counselling. A year, he terminated his "spiritual restoration" with the overseers of the restoration team allegedly the moment financial support from the New Life Church ended.

During his "recovery period", he apparently sent an email to KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs saying he would become a counselor at a faith-based halfway house in Phoenix ( Phoenix Dream Center) and would need money while he and his wife pursue degrees. This was found not to be true.


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