The Battle for World Dominion - Part 1 - the Singapore Connection

Some time ago, I have read about and listened to Ed Siloso and Peter C Wagner on their master plan for Evangelism, which basically involves taking over the secular world in a theology called the Seven Mountains Theology - to conquer the seven mountains of Business, Government, Religion, Family, Media, Education, and Entertainment. It was this wider agenda that probably concerned the Singapore Government in the Aware Saga behind the motivation of Church of Our Savior. COOS, may only a runner in a bigger scheme reaffirmed at the "Transformation 2009" by Ed Silvoso organised of Love Singapore headed by Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC. The word "Transformaton" is misleading as "Dominion Theology" was essentially preached. It should have stated "Domination 2009". This theology is nothing new with Ed Silvoso being a regular visitor to Singapore eg in 2006, as part of the Festival of Praise organised by City Harvest Church. The Seven Mountains Theology or the Dominion Theology of bringing the Christian Kingdom of God on earth is championed by Dr C. Peter Wagner. He is the President of the Global Harvest Ministries, of which a subsidiary is the New Apostolic Reformation.

The basic information of the Global Harvest Ministries and their structure and agenda for domination led by the new apostles can be found in the reference lists below. The members of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) includes very well known churches:-

  • Lawrence Khong. FCBC, Singapore
  • Domic Yeo, Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore (5th ranked mega church SG, attendance 5,500)
  • Jonathan Suppaya, Jesus Lives Church, Singapore
  • Henry Pillai, Grace Assembly, Malaysia

Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong was commissioned as an apostle by Dr Wagner in year 2000. He was also the chairman of Love Singapore who organised the Transformation 2009 event. The vision and plans was laid well back in 1995, in a "vision 2001" as part of Love Singapore. The committee for Love singapore event advocating the Dominion Theology basically represents the entire spectrum of the Evangelical and Charismatic Churches in Singapore ;-

Chairman, Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong Faith Community Baptist Church Mega Church (Ranked 4th, attendance 10,000)
Senior Pastor Rick Seaward Victory Family Centre Mega Church (Ranked 6th, attendance 5000)
Senior Pastor Edmund Chan Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Mega Church (Ranked 10th, attendance 3200)

Pastor Eugene Seow Faith Community Baptist Church Mega Church
Senior Pastor Derek Hong Church of Our Saviour Anglican Church Mega Church (Ranked 7th, attendance 4000)
Senior Pastor Lawrence Chua Living Sanctuary Brethren Church Prominent Church
Senior Pastor Guna Raman Agape Baptist Church Prominent Church
Deputy Senior Pastor Melvyn Mak Faith Community Baptist Church Mega Church (Ranked 4th, attendance 10,000)
Lead pastor Tan Kay Kiong Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Mega Church (Ranked 10th, attendance 3200)

Senior Pastor Benny Ho Faith Community Church Australia  
Bishop Dr Moses Tay Leng Kong

Anglican Bishop of Singapore, 1982 to 1999

Archibishop of SEA, 1996.

Senior Pastor James Lee Bread of Life Church Singapore  
Pastor Chua Hock Lin Victory Family Centre Mega Church (Ranked 6th, attendance 5000)

Loving Singapore is considered as taking proactive action to take over all the different areas of secular space for Jesus Christ. Not included but clearly a major supporter is Pastor Kong Hee who had frequently invited Dr C Peter Wagner to City Harvest Church in Aug 17 to Aug 18 2008, 30 June - 1 July 2007, 15 Aug 2006. Pastor Kong's globe trotting to Planet Hollywood and Pastor Sun Ho "China Wine" appears to be an attempt to influence the entertainment mountain. We wish them best of God's grace and not to be tempted in the process. In view of his strong support for the Dominion theology, he clearly had to distance himself in his blog after the Aware Saga as not to be implicated.

Gays are used as a "key" or doorway to enter into the different secular mountains as the trigger, an excuse or reason, and motivation to galvanise and mobilise support from the church to take strong proactive action. It has worked in the Bush election of 2004, and this is a hot button and emotive issue that will even move the entire church such as the Church of Our Saviour in the Aware case. They are using the gay issue to gain a strategic advantage and to further their cause even to the extent to highly exagerate and spin the issues if it does not exist.

The Christian Right appear worldly and cunning than one would outwardly perceived for such a grand aggenda to conquer the world. We have thought that the Charismatics are not united and prone to church breakups, but in the New Apostolic Reformation, they found unity and a cause far bigger than their petty differences. The organization is complex and detailed with Generals or Apostles heading differrent fronts and focus groups. Whilsts the Liberals proclaim that there are no absolutes in their endless debates, the Christian Right not only are very sure and absolute in their vision and mission to conquer all the mountains, but like a Joel's army that marches on.

(Luke 17:20,21 NKJV) Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation; "nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you."

The Pastors in Singapore is pursuing to conquer the seven mountains and it appears to be a genuine and sincere attempt to make Singapore a Christian country. Their evangelism with confinement to the mountain of religion has not worked as well and they reckoned the key strategy being involvement by Christianity to take over all the secular spaces and mountains. The issue of homosexuality is a red herring and an excuse to be used. According to their narrow world view, if they do not act, gays would take over the other kingdoms - and that is why they are against the Government giving employment to gays or to decriminalise persecution against gays. Their cause of advancing the Gospel appears commendable, but the methods used are of the world, and using gays as the scapegoat lacks integrity and is a false witness. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb, not gays, and His Kingdom was a heavenly kingdom and not an earthly kingdom. God doesn't want to rule over the mountains of a carnal world, He wants the place deep in our hearts, deep within ourselves, the place of honor and worship, the place of friendship, servanthood, and sonship, and a heart of humility and of Love, Grace, Mercy and Compassion, to continue His ministry on earth.

Jesus had nothing, whilst we want everything even other people's mountains, and this is sin and envy that will one day bring down the reformation. He conquered the world not by imposing His power, but He conquered it through Agape Love and sacrifice. Let us Love that we may be called the Sons of God.



PDF References:-

a) International Coalition of Apostles

b) Slides of Seven Mountains Theology



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