Love Singapore with 377a part 3


Senior Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong launched into the fray of 377a debate in Singapore by providing close artillary support for Lawrence Khong of FCBC by urging Christians to rise up and go for battle against the GLBT community.

Who are they precisely firing their salvos against? a handful of gay activists!

In the word for the season below, Pastor Yoong equates the church with Israel, and the GLBT community with Syria harrasing the church. Such self deception is difficult to comprehend when the GLBT community is minding her own business whilst the church (Love Singapore, and National Council of Churches) is constantly harrasing the Gay community through condemnation as sinners and insisting that the Government actively put them in jail.

Syria in the bible has a much more powerful army than Israel, and so could have invaded israel easily. What does the GLBT community have? they are weak not able to form any organized group whilsts the Christian community can call upon an army of tens of thousands. The Christian leaders are generals adored by thousands every Sunday whilst the few gay activists can get support amongsts few close friends.

The vastness of the gap (in terms of wealth, power, and influence) between the church leaders and the few gay activies is so huge that Christians in Singapore find the need to create an imaginary gay aggenda with a victimhood mentality whilst all the while they were the main perpetrators. The extent of self righteousness and self centeredness is not comprehensible as people following Christ. The work of Satan has caused the church to fall into such self delusion that they would cause serious harm to the weak and loose their righteousness in Christ.

Rather, the church is acting like Syria of the bible with a large army. The GLBT community is not Israel but the slave maid, the least in the community, and the most despised outcasts.

Pastor Yoong called upon Cornerstone not to be like Gehazi not being aware of the season that Israel was in, hence implying that   it was the Gay community harassing the church and the church should go on a war path against gays in 2013.

The opposite is true, for the GLBT community is quite ambivalent of their circumstances. They tried to keep a low profile and live life as best they could under the circumstances and keep to their own community minding their own business. Yet all the time, the thoughts and the understanding of times that Christians have declared war on them is not appreciated. And now you have FCBC firing the first salvos, and the supporting divisions backing up the attack.

Such an aggression and unprovoked intention to harm the GLBT community is quite meaningless. For look unto the battle field with your spiritual eyes and see that the first salvo is fired into empty land. For the Gay Christian community is but skeletons buried in the ground, the lives and faith destroyed by false rethoric, rejection from the churches, and a dismay at Christianity. These are children of God lost in the field, their crosses of make shift tombs filled the ground of lives destroyed due to the inner conflicts between their faith and sexuality, and the lack of freedom in the closet.

Lives are lost, many died, the living being irrevocably harmed mentally and spiritually. The new salvos would hurt no one because one cannot die over and over again. The good life and relationships were stolen from them. Their bones lie the ground in a deserted land.

As Pastor Yoong and his Cornerstone army moves across the land, it is like a battle ship firing on a few small yatchs owned by the few gay activists. The 40,000 strong of Love Singapore like scavanges continues to fire their empty shells to keep the dead in the closets.

The ground is soiled with blood of lives lost and destroyed, and relationships and freedoms stolen. They are dead, skeletons in the ground to ever rise up against the incoming forces and their artillery. The ground cries out from justice and redemption. The blood cries out to God for freedom.

As they continue on to draw sword and insists that gays be put to jail and their rights limited, it doesn't change the status quo nor was it likely to change until there is movement in the US concerning gay marriages. But once the sword is drawn and tasted blood which it has, we will be condemned by the blood of the innocent.

They should at least be blibical and go prostitute hunting instead at Geylang, but no, that would reveal their own sins, for the wide scale prostitution and marital infidelity is by straight people. Their salvos should fired at those who worship Molech and abort their children, but that would be too close to home.

Why is the church so adamant on a warpath against the hapless gays? because there is sin in the midst of the churches. The Pharisees were all out to persecute and stone the hapless prostitute because by condeming others, a sense of self righteousness comes in and we feel a sense of moral superiority against those sinners!

When they brought the prostitute to Jesus, surely she was guilty and caught in the act. Why didn't they go ahead and kill her? for they want Jesus to be implicated and be blamed and loose credibility.

Jesus didn't have a long conversation with the Pharisees to exchange views on how to stone the woman! for He just wrote on the stone, the very sins each of them were hiding that deserved condemnation far more than the prostitutes!

For the GLBT community, the stones have been thrown, gays put in jails and deep in closets. Lives are lost and destroyed. The modern day Pharisees could no longer just walk away, because grave injustice and harm have been perpetuated.

The year 2013 will be a tough year but the focus will not be on the GLBT community as the issues could be easily defused by the Government maintaining 377a due to the strong objection by Christians.

It will be a tough few years ahead, because God is going to write down on stone tablets the hidden sins of the church leadership and proclaim the sentence. There will be public revelations after revelations of wrong doings just as in America where billions were paid out to sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church.

As the salvos are being fired by Christians in an artillery barrage, there comes a point where the guns will be quietened when the whole world sees out white washed tombs with hidden skeletons.

It is not about the gay community, but the sins in our own lives that we put on the gay gentle lambs to sacrifice for our hidden sins. The battle has started, but they cannot kill a GLBT army which is non existent or already dead with their skeletons buried in the grounds of lives lost and hope despaired. 

As we march on to Jordan river to cross over the other side to fire our salvos and hunt after gays, just as the Syrian General needed to dip himself into the river, the water in the river Jordan will expose the church. Any sins that we have will be abounded by a factor of 4, and when we reach onto the other side, we will be found to be naked!

A prophetic message to the churches in Singapore - "Do not to cross the river Jordan for the river of God's grace and mercy that heal the Syrian General, could also be a river of judgement and harm for Gehazi."


Firing the First Salvo

A word in season by Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore, 19 Jan 2013

In the days of the great prophet Elisha, a Syrian General had contracted leprosy and he had heard that there was a God in Israel who could perform miracles. At this time, Israel was at war with the Syrians and so, the whole idea of going to the enemy to ask for a favour was in itself a humbling thing for this General to do. Nevertheless he humbled himself to come and see this great prophet. And the prophet Elisha did not even extend the courtesy of coming out to speak with him. Instead, he sent a servant to tell him to go and dip in the muddy waters of the Jordan River seven times.

The General was mad with rage and rode off, almost missing the greatest miracle in his life because of his pride. But his servants eventually persuaded him that dipping in the Jordan River wasn’t really going to cost him anything, and that he actually stood to gain everything. He humbled himself and went into the waters and dipped himself. On the seventh dip, his leprosy was completely healed and his skin was restored and made new and soft, like that of a baby. He was amazed and returned to the prophet and asked what he wanted and how he could reward him. Really, all the prophet wanted was for Syria to stop harassing Israel. The rationale was very simple - God did this favour for you; now you go and show kindness to Israel. The General rode off but lo and behold, Elisha’s servant Gehazi, a greedy and foolish man, approached Naaman's entourage and said “my master Elisha has need of some precious stuff”, which the General was more than glad to oblige and give. But when he returned, this was what the prophet said to him, “Did not my heart go with you when the man turned back from his chariot to meet you? Is it time to receive money and to receive clothing, olive groves and vineyards, sheep and oxen, male and female servants?" The leprosy that was on Naaman was then transferred over to Gehazi, who lived and died a leper.

The important question we need to ask is - what period were they all living in? Israel was at war. The threat was existential. But the prophet’s apprentice, Gehazi, had not understood the seriousness of the season. Listen - there is a time to receive clothing; there is a time to receive money and all kinds of nice stuff. But now is not the time. This is a season of spiritual warfare.

Don’t you understand what period the church is living in? God is not against all that receiving and buying and selling. But we need to be aware of the time we are now living in. When we crossed over into 2013, it was as if God sounded a trumpet and all of us must realise the severity of the hour we are living in. We are entering into a time of great conflict and the church must not be ignorant of the dangers that lie at our gates. We must not be oblivious to our responsibilities as an army to push back the powers of darkness. So how is it that at the most critical time in history, the church finds itself so unprepared to face the almost insurmountable challenges before us?

We must sound the trumpet because the church must get herself into battle footing, and be battle-ready. The first salvo was fired by the Senior Pastor of FCBC this week on the LGBT issue and the churches are beginning to mobilise themselves not just for this battle, but for the many battles ahead of us. The LGBT bloc will of course be outraged, but that is to be expected. We must make a stand for righteousness in this nation. This war is winnable and the church will arise victorious. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus who loved us. Be ready for a sharp polarising of our society over the gay and lesbian issue and when it happens, you better make sure you know which side you are on. Grace to all of you.

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong
19 January 2013




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