The Baptism of the Holy Spirit


The baptism of the Holy Spirit is so important to the Gay Christians in Singapore. Just like the 1st century Christians who faced tremendous persecution, we too need the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), the revelation, and the presence of God (John 14:26) provided by this baptism to be witness to the Gays, and to be Ambassodors and Champions for Christ in the gay community in Singapore.

Until the age of 30, Jesus was a common carpentar in Bethlehem. The events pertaining to His birth, the signs, and the visists by the wise men from the east, have long been forgotten. This was the faithful and hard working son of Mary and Joseph. There was nothing extra ordinary about Jesus. He was not kown to be a teacher nor a great man of God, for He did not teach in the synogue, nor healed anyone, or achieve any great spiritual impact. Jesus was born 30 years earlier by the Holy Spirit falling upon Mary (Luke 1:35). It was the Angels who spoke of the Holy Spirit to Mary. Prior the Holy Spirit came upon the Simeon, to revelaed to him about Jesus's birth. Whilst on pregnancy, Elizabeth spoke about Jesus upon being filled with the Holy Spirit ( Luke 1:41). John was said to be a person filled with the Holy Spirit from birth (Luke 1:15). The same Spirit of God was involved in Earthly affairs since creation. When the Spirit of God fell upon people, the usually have a message to deliver. This infilling, falling upon, was essentially one way. There was a relationship with God by these men and woman of faith, but not with the Spirit of God. It was a one way transaction.

Jesus was fully man and fully God. Upto the age of 30, the Spirit of God have not fallen on Him such that the move of the Holy Spirit could be channel through Jesus. Jesus unlike the prophets and man of God, have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. But even having the Holy Spirit did not in any way meant that He could work miracles. It was upto the Holy Spirit to manifest the power and message through Jesus. Jesus's baptism (Luke 3:22) marks the start of a continuous infilling of the Holy Spirit of Jesus such that there will be power to backup the Jesus's Gospel message that He is the messiah, their only way to redemption. Jesus have had to wait for the Holy Spirit to say "now is the time, that I will work through you". Although a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit, many times Jesus called upon through prayer to God the Father in Heaven for the work of the Holy Spirit to manifest in different situations to give glory to God.

After Jesus resurrected, the barrier between man and God was lifted, and more importantly we become heirs, i.e. part of God's family. On this basis, access to the Holy Spirit in terms of fellowship was available to all Christians as a birth right. (John 14:26) The Holy Spirit helps us to remeber what Jesus did and just as Jesus taught the discples, the Holy Spirit teaches us about Jesus. When Jesus said in John 20:22, and Luke 24:49 that the Holy Spirit has been sent to minister to the body of Chirst, but to tarry, Just as Jesus waited for 30 years for the moment that the Holy Spirit fell upon His ministry, so too would the Christians wait for the Holy Spirit to fall upon them to institue the move of God in their personnel ministry. Now not all the Christians were in the upper room. They were nevertheless Christians because they believe by faith on Jesus that was to come. (Acts 19:3,4 NKJV). Therefore the Holy Spirit falls upon every believer individually.

Once, the Holy Spirit falls upon a believer, it marks a start of a much greater revelation of Jesus Christ. Just like in Jesus's ministry, it marks the start of supernatural manifestation expanding the kingdom of God. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a sovereign action of the Holy Spirit but freely availble as God desires to give us good gifts. We can have communion with the Holy Spirit, but yet not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. A christian have communion with God including the holy spirit by spiritual birth by faith in Jesus Christ, but the baptism of the Holy Spirit comes only in letting the Holy Spirit have the you.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a continuous regular event. i.e. it is like a wave, coming over and over again. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts marks the start of the Holy Spirit's work for the church as a whole through the individual believers. It can be stopped, because it is dependent upon the Holy Spirit totally having the Christian, i.e., He or She must want it, and die to oneself, for if self (i.e. religion) comes in, it is no longer God but man and man no longer feel the need for this supernatural help. As we yield ourself to the Holy Spirit, He will reveal Jesus to us. How much the Holy Spirit could work and the degree of revelation, totally depends on a yielding heart, a heart that understands God's Grace and Mercy. As it is not a one time event, it is a lifestyle being dependent on the Holy Spirit and being filled continuously, hence a Christian walk by the Holy Spirit..

In Acts 2:3,4, when the Holy Spirit fell upon the believers, they begin to speak a new language. It was not through their mind, but the utterence was directly from heaven. This prayer in the Spirit was thereafter common in the early Church until so much so that they prayed mainly in tongues even in public. Paul exalt them not only to pray in tongues but to pray also with words that all may be edified especially in public (1 Cor 14:15) . Where there is prophesy through tongues in public, there should be an interpretation in public so that the body is blessed by the Word from heaven. The early Church found praying in Spirit or in tongues such a great need in their ministry for it expands the realm of prayer beyond their minds to a Spiritual level which aligns with God's will, and knowledge (Rom 8:26,27). That is power, in such perfect prayers for it is both defend our life against the plans of the enemy, and attacks the enemy to gain more of the kingdom of God. Hence, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, evident by the speaking in tongues is not an option. We are to pray regularly in tongues as a part of Spiritual warfare. (Eph 6:18).

The ministry of Gay Christians in Singapore is not to the general community but to Gays hitherto untouched. They are not interested in fake religion which they have seen so much. We have to proclaim Jesus, not by power or by strenght but by my Spirit says the Lord. As Jesus ask the disciples to tarry, let us also tarry to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit into our lives. It is the Holy Spirit who works in people, giving Gays fellowship, refreshment, understanding of the bible, and Healing of their sicknesses. To be the conduits of God's Grace and Mercy we cannot but be fully submerged by the Holy Spirit.

Father God, may your Holy Spirit be my witness today to the Gay Christians in Singapore. Let them not be like churches in Singapore who do not believe in your word regarding your Holy Spirit. Instead, let your Spirit touched them. The mainstream church are so strong that they do not see the need of the Holy Spirit. But Father God, send us your Spirit, Send us your Spirit. Now is the time, today is the time O Lord for your salvation. We have waited "long long", our hearts have faded, our hopes crushed, but you O Lord is not late, you will come and save us "on time". Send us your Holy Spirit. Revive us O Lord through your Son Jesus Christ whose death made it possible for us to have the Holy Spirit.


Spirit, Touch Your Church

Lord, we need Your grace and mercy
we need to pray like never before
we need the power of Your Holy Spirit
to open Heaven?s door

Spirit, touch Your church, stir the hearts of men,
Revive us Lord, with Your passion once again.
I want to care for others, like Jesus cares for me
Let Your reign fall on me, Oh Lord,
Let Your reign fall on me.

Lord, we humbly come before You
We don?t deserve of You what we ask
But we yearn to see Your glory
Restore this dying land

Repeat Chorus

Let Your reign fall on me.

Spirit, touch your church


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